Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hello, my name is......(part 2)

God granted me a great privilege this morning.  I got a chance to sit with the gentlemen from McDonalds and talk for a few minutes.  Let me introduce you to Joe, Smitty, Andy, Marty, John and Richie.  

As I was saying, these get togethers are rare in today's world.  As much as I know.  These men have known each other since there formative years, led diverse lives, went thie separate ways for a time and came back to the area of Pennsylvania they grew up in and have been together since.  Whew!!! 
I had the chance to talk to Smitty and John this morning and we talked about religion and the world in general.  

In hushed tones but strong words they talk of how fallen we are as a nation and how God is trying to get our attention. WE ARE NOT LISTENING.
Remember when......?  They speak of the change that has been going on in our country and how far away we are from traditional values.  


                                L to R -- Joe (black shirt), Marty, Richie (hat) and Smitty



                               There are more but they were not present when i took the picture.