Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's Here

You may be wondering what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about the "13th Annual Huge Used Book Sale" at a local mall in my area.  Now you may be thinking "why all the excitement?"  As you may know bookstores have become sort of a dying breed these past few years with the explosion of mobile technology that allows people to have an electronic book on their devices.  Now, more and more people are downloading books and magazines and the print form is almost near extinction.
My area of NE Pennsylvania has been without a book store for several years now ( we do have a Barnes & Noble 20 minutes away in the next town over, but that is a conversation I will not have right now.)  

This annual event is really nice to have and a great comfort for all who miss having a place to just buy books. Also on the tables were dvd's, VHS tapes and many items for children.  It was a madhouse to say the least. 


As you can see many are waiting for the doors to open to get in and find that hidden jewel or simply browse.   I got there about 10 minutes to opening and I was AMAZED by the sheer number of people ahead of me.  Next year I sleep over in the mall.  Lol.  This is the line in front of me.


                                       And they are off.....


                                       I was caught off-guard by all off this.  It was actually my 
                                       first time there for an opening.  I usually find my way over
                                       on the second or third day because of my work schedule.

                                       Very little elbow room.  


                                       This character here is Mark.  Mark and I work together
                                       he actually found several interesting books on 
                                       "history and war."  

                                       I went into this not looking to get a lot of books 
                                       and hoping I can find that one special piece of 
                                       literature that would complete my collection, or 
                                       replace a book I either loaned out or lost.

All in all I had a great time.  However, time did not allow me peruse as much a I would have liked to.  Tomorrow is another day and who knows?  What did I buy you ask?  I only purchased three things.  
The Diary of Ann Franke, a Gammerra dvd (old school Japanese production), a pocket bible, and Three Weeks with my Brother by Nicholas Sparks. 

Have a good day and happy hunting.