Friday, July 18, 2014

O Happy Day

Yesterday my friend Lisa invited me to go hiking with her on my day off from work.  Naturally i said yes and we were on our way.  Below are some of the pictures I took as we trekked through the towns and to our destination. 

                          Naturally we ran into a few roadblocks along the way

                           once we got going the scenery was beautiful


          My favorites...celestial cities.   I don't always enjoy the works of God's hand.

      We made it.  It's no yellow brick road, but it will do for now.  Lead on


    Me being adventurous.  I however, did not notice the writing on the rock beneath me
    before I put this picture in.  Oh well.


  One of the highlights of our excursion was meeting a couple who were, believe it or not
  hiking the Appalachian trail.  The whole Appalachian trail!!!  From Georgia to Maine.
  Not me.  


                                             Ms. LIsa and I doing a selfie


                                    On our way home after about an hour.


                There are a lot of beautiful lands in PA.  What a wonderful backdrop.


                  One never knows what they may find on the roads of life.

               The end has come but do not be saddened, our next road trip is coming soon.