Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Taking It Wherever It Goes

I look for Your return when thunder fills the sky.
Sorrow fills my heart and a tear clouds my eye
The joy of expectation, the ache of loss
All my burdens taken at the Cross

O the Blood that can save the soul
You laid down Your life to make us whole
Arms open wide
God's love cannot be denied

This Is my Son, you can be too.
Wash in the Blood that was shed for you
Lay down your life on the altar of sacrifice
Wash in the river, be made whiter than snow

Come quickly I would ask, but we are not ready
Your will desires all come to You
Man's heart has proven them unsteady
A rolling sound pierces the night
Lord Jesus give me strength I'm losing this fight!!

Doubts will arise with the rising of the sun
My faith will arise with the rising of the Son

Your word is true held dear to my heart
It won't be made void 
Thy return is close 
Fill, with thy glory, the heavenly places

Do not hasten Your return
My soul doth protest
I need thee every hour
Fulfill the promise

Sweet Jesus Your name...
Above all others
Son of God...Beloved
Christ...Holy and Anointed
Saviour..for all mankind 

Sweet Jesus Your name...
Stills the sea                                
Heals the broken
Makes the mute to speak
Open the ears of the deaf
Brings the dead back to life

Sweet Jesus Your name...
The saints will proclaim for all eternity