Friday, July 25, 2014

Sarah laughed and so did I

A funny thing happened on the way to work.....

Well, funny in that i had to laugh, not funny something around me involving an incident.

A couple of days ago i was feeling weary and worn.  The goings-on in the world were not to pleasing, my job has become a job and I was just not in a good place physically and spiritually.  Having been in that place of 'self pity' and 'woe is me' before, I stopped and prayed.  I closed my prayer by asking God to send me some encouragement.   Simple enough.

Let me add that God is great.  No, GOD IS GREAT.

Yesterday I was in McDonalds and I saw a gentleman two tables down from me with some Chick tracks in his shirt pocket.  Intrigued by this I went to him and introduced myself and we chatted for some time about sharing the gospel and (clearing throat) encouragement.  :) :)

Let me add that God is great.  No, GOD IS GREAT

Today when leaving McDonalds an older guy pulled in on his motorcycle and as he did I caught the last few words of "God of Nations" by the Newsboys.  I stopped in my tracks and waited for him to get off his bike and introduced myself and we talked about the song and he too is a believer in Jesus Christ.  

Sarah laughed because she could not believe that she and Abraham would have a child at their advanced ages.  Sarah mentions the reasons for such an a ridicules notion and God calls her on it and says "You will have a son."  We all know that she does, Isaac.
I laughed because of how I thought the form of encouragement would come.  Silly me.  I felt alone and often times I have tried to get other believers to go with me when I share with people about Jesus and salvation only to be rebuffed.   But God showed me that I am not alone in doing His work.  In less than the two day span I encountered two people who were out sharing Jesus and the salvation message.  Believer #1 said "I am led to because of the times."  Believer #2 said "look at the beauty around us and how nice a day it is."

Instead of looking at myself as doing the work God would have me to do, i focused on doing the work of God by myself.  Not nice.
So now you know why i laughed.  Perspective.
Enjoy your day.