Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Day 2


The great thing about working up here is the unexpected.  We never know from moment who or what will drive into the rest stop.   

"Oh my!" Says my inner George Takei.  "A bus."  Buses are not an unusual sight and we do get them.  Sometimes they come in empty and sometimes they do not.  Looks like this one is occupied.

In this picture we have Lenny (black shirt) smiling and getting a cup of coffee for a weary traveler.

The patrons who come into the tent are just as eager to see our map and who has come through, as much as we are.  This is a shared joy between us and them.

For others passing through, it is an chance to have a momento from a place they may never have been before.  Oddly enough more pictures are taken at the rest stop than most other places I can remember.