Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Day 3 (2.0)

Day three offered a treasure trove of pictures and many blessings.

this lady has a friend with her from New Jersey who would not get out of the car because she does not like to travel.  She was tricked, nicely, into going for a little trip across the statelines. As you can guess we had a good laugh as did the friend.

With everyone who comes through the tent, there is a need, for food or coffee or a chance meeting with the people behind the table.  One lady and many more after her took advantage of our prayer basket and left a request.  WE LOVE TO PRAY.

Culturally speaking, this is the new melting pot.  Despite it being a church sponsored 
outreach we get a good response from all who enter in.  


A happy camper who was more than ready to pose for the camera.  Thank you.

          Three friends from Hong Kong, who were very surprised to see that there 
  were others from Hong Kong who had come through the tent mere minutes before.

the next post is very special.  It required a lot of restraint on my part but in the end much joy was had by all.

God bless.