Friday, March 14, 2014

A Slower Pace--Part 1

Several weeks ago a coworker (DL) and I were talking and she asked me this question.
"Have you ever noticed that even on your days off, you are still thinking about work?  Sometimes I think about work that I did not have enough time to do or even get to."
I thought about what she said for a few seconds and replied "Yes, I do.  That's weird."

As the day went on, I thought more and more about that.  Then it hit me, almost half of my day is spent thinking about work.  Let me explain.  I get up in the morning and say "Ugh! I don't want to go to work today." (I know I'm not the only one to say that.)  Usually that is the second or third sentence out of my mouth.  Depending on the time I rise up, an hour or hour and a half is spent thinking about work.  Before I even get there.  
Now, factor in having a family and getting them ready for there day and now your mind is even more clouded.  Work, work, work, work, work.  We go through our work day of 6,8,10 or 12 hr shifts, we leave just wanting to come home and unwind and we here was your day? Like a tsunami it all comes rushing back to the forefront of our mind.  With a clinching of the fist and roll of the eyes, we recount our work day in these few words, "it was ok."  

Before I continue let me share something.  I live by myself.  So, for those with families....kudos.  DL is a working mother, with two wonderful school-aged kids, so I can only imagine how hectic her life is outside of work.  Children nowadays have a full and active life at the earliest of ages and parents are on-the-go for what seems like the whole of the day.  I am pretty sure DL has the schedule of a CEO on most days.  I greatly admire DL.  

Many times in the bible God encourages, no commands His children to take time, a day actually to be still and do nothing.  Well, not nothing per se.  But, just take some time and reflect on Him and His goodness and to recharge our physical and spiritual batteries.  Why?  Because we need it.  
During the rest of the week He only asks for as little as 1 hour of our time a day.  One hour out of 24.  
Most people cannot find a few minutes out of their day just to sit down.  

One of Satan's greatest weapons against us is distraction.  We do and we do and we do.  For the believer, constantly doing things, keeps us from spending quality time with God.  It says in scripture that mankind will want and do 'more and more'.  Our knowledge will increase and we will run back and forth in pursuit of 'something' that we will never obtain.  Despite the advances of technology, that is supposed to make our lives easier and more manageable, we never have enough time.  Yet, in all of it we miss God and are soon left wondering where did the time go? Was it worth it? and What did it all mean?  
Life can be consuming and we are more times than not are consumed by it all because we feel we have to accommodate its requirements.  But if we listen to our bodies and more importantly listen to God, we can rest our bodies, renew our minds and we can find peace within our spirits, even if there is no peace within the world around us.

Only if life allows us to "be still and know that He is God."