Friday, March 7, 2014


When Your grace seems so far away and 
the enemy comes in to ruin my day
I look to the Cross.

The Cross is the symbol of Your greatest victory,
the result of Your greatest loss.
I cannot deny its power over me.

The stain of sin
The sting of death
A new life is filled with every breath

Your life You willingly gave
You rose from the grave

To the bowels of the earth 
You preached the cross
Redemption and salvation came at a cost
It is free to me and free to you
But it was not free to Him

He gave up His heavenly home
Rich man now become poor
His heavenly crown for a crown of thorns

Son of God, loves pure light
The veil was torn, morning turned to the darkest night
The heavens roared, unnumberable hosts now silent

He turned away not wanting to see His Son
As His body hung there on the Cross,
Covered with sins--past,present and future

The rebellious spirit and unseeing eye
did not truly understand why He had to die.  
"Crucify him, crucify him" was their unified cry.

Heaven and earth now testify 
He, Lord Jesus, is now seated on the throne.

Grace bestowed to the undeserving.
Mercy imparted for the sinner you and me
Compassion shown to the unloving

The sufficiency of God's grace know no bounds
His grace is deeper than the sea.
His loves endures forever 
As do the flames of hell
Eternity awaits for the created 
Will it be in heaven, with the Creator?
Or in hell apart from the Creator?