Monday, March 24, 2014

It's a beautiful day

THE DAY has arrived.  No, not THAT day (Christ's return).  Nor is it Sunday, where the body of Christ gets together and worship's His name.  It is Monday MY birthday.   
I'm listening to all of the adulation and wishes.  

How old am I?  Let me just say, that for the fifth year in a row, I am celebrating my 39th birthday.  Jack Benny would be proud.   
Today I turn (gulp), drum roll please.......43.  I know 39 sounds better but in a few years I will forget how old I am.  If today is your birthday then I want to wish you a Happy Birthday.  Well, only if you are older than me. Haha.  
Over the years I have met several people whose birthday falls on the same day, and interestingly enough I went to school with 2 of them and met a few more down the line later on in life.  How cool is that?  
Some of the children at my church got me a card for my big day and I want to thank them.

So, without further ado....Pigeon, Turtle, Zebra and Skunk thank you very much.  

Disclaimer: birthday cake was harmed during the writing of this blog post.