Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Distant Thunder

1900  An ash grey cloud rolls across the sky.

1915  Some people within the store comment about the color of the sky.

1930  A soft light flashes across the sky.  Rain appears imminent.

2000  More congregants marvel at the color of the sky.  To the west it is bright.
          To the east, totally dark.  Separated by a mere couple of feet.  

On the 40 minute bus ride home the flashes of light become more pronounced in its brightness.  
No longer do I think it is rain.  
It will rain at some point tonight, but that is not where my hope lies.

As we draw closer to the end of the ride, the flashes increase in frequency and intensity.  Sort of like the birth pains of a woman in labor.  
I recall the looks on the faces of the people who wondered at the sky.  Some were fearful, not able to make sense of this odd sight.
A co-worker is amazed at the color contrast and forgot to take pictures with his phone.  (He not happy about that.)
Me?  Well, I just want to get done and go home.....my outward front.  On the inside I trembled a little.


Drops of rain slowly make their way to the earth.  I bid adieu to the driver and start my three minute strut to the homestead.  

More flashes of light, a grumbling in my stomach, and an expectancy within the very fibers of my soul.  
I look up, smile and whisper my thanks to God.  

On the horizon out in the distance a storm is brewing.  A storm that will alter the course of human existence and all that we have come to know.  Can we survive?  Only those who endure will survive.  
Someday and someday soon the sky will light up with a flash and all who are His will hear the trumpet, oh yes, the very trumpet of Jesus and we will leave this place. 

After such a time a distant thunder will roll upon this land and never before imagined evil will cover it in darkness.