Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Twenty cents off the dollar

(This is from last night.)

Something good happened to me tonight that...kind of put a bow on my day.  Lately I have been having a difficult time finding good in anyone.  Maybe it is the onset of paranoia, or simply acquired wisdom for the times we are living in?  

I went to the Dollar tree tonight to get something to drink and who can beat the price of a three liter soda that costs only a dollar?  Well, Walmart might price match :)

So, I gets my soda and I'm about 4 in line to check when I spy a frozen pie placed on top of a shelf near the register.  Now comes the dilemma.  Adventures in Odyssey will be on in a few minutes and the store is rather busy.  Do I return the pie to its rightful place, in the freezer, at the back of the store and lose my place in line?  Oooooor.  Do I let it melt away in the heat of the day?  I weighed the pro's and con's.  Adventures in Odyssey versus doing the right thing?  I looked around, sighed for effect and took the pie home to the freezer.  

Home sweet home the pie is reunited with its loved ones and I turn around to see the checkout.  Two people.  Just as the space around James Stewart's character in Vertigo, shifted and elongated as he clung for dear life on the rooftop, so did my eyes as I realized my chances for a quick escape hing on me getting to the checkout lane before the rest of the store.  Speed is of the essence and I make it as the lady in front of me was flitting her change away.  TOO SWEET!!!!

Now I am in the home stretch.  Soda on the counter, I have the exact amount and I don't need a bag.  Proper planning folks, proper planning.  Carol the cashier grabs the soda, scans it (I nimbly put my right hand forward with the payment feeling quite sure of myself) while making small talk.
"I assume your day is almost at an end?"  I ask.
"Actually no. I am here until 9 o'clock." Carol replies.
"Oh." Was my response.  
Before she finished my order she excuses herself and goes off down one of the isles.  Tick tock, tick tock.  Carol returns with a coupon for twenty cents off my purchase.  WOW! 
I thanked her, several times actually and wished I could have done something for her. And she humbly states "I do this for others as well.  Going to get things."  
Once more I thank her and say " if you are ever in Boscovs I will return the favor."
"I don't have the time, I work two jobs." Carol adds.
Here at this moment the Spirit leads me and I say " I will pray for you to have more time."
As she is placing my item in the bag she stops and says " thank you I would like you to pray for me."
And I did, as I was leaving the checkout and as I opened the door on the way out and as I was making my way home to Adventures in Odyssey, I prayed for Carol.

In my selfishness I just wanted to get in and out.  However, God had other plans and in the process a life was touched and a maybe it will spark something within her to seek God?  I know it will.  Hmm!  Re-reading my opening statement I should seek God a little more myself.  

Stay tuned for a follow-up post.