Thursday, March 5, 2015

Minutes til Midnight

Eight minutes exactly.  I am filled with such a peace right now that I cannot sleep.  God has been so good to me lately.  

As I read His words, they have taken on a new meaning to me.   Several passages in the Psalms, the book of Titus, the Gospels and others have given me a glimpse of myself if I follow after the ways of the LORD.  Of course none of this would be attainable without humility and prayer. Satan had me convinced that I was a constant disappointment as a servant of God.  As Peter was being sifted by Satan in Luke 22, so too was I being sifted by the great deceiver.  His goal?  To get me to turn away from God and my salvation.  Several times I almost did it.  The thought of walking away more than crossed my mind.  Instead of turning my back on God I fell on my knees and prayed.  I prayed like I never have before.  When I was not praying I had my face buried in the Holy Scriptures.  Day after day. Night after night.  His Word reshaped my heart.  His promises transformed my thinking.  
Why would God invest so much into me (Jesus dying on the Cross) and not become a refuge to me in times of trouble?  Why would He set me up to fail? 

Something had to change.  God is unchanging.  His perfect nature will always be 'perfect'.  The problem was me.  My life was devoid, my life as a born again believer, was devoid of a true relationship with the LORD.  Just as the Pharisees knew the word of God, they did not have a relationship with the Word of God.  Me?  I was caught in the middle, which is worse.  
Please forgive me for the personal nature of this post.  As always, God deserves the glory and honor and praise for anything that comes from my life because He has willed it.  It is me, Darryl, who needed to change.  As the world around me falls into chaos, I choose not to.  We are in the final hours until the return of Jesus to rapture the church.  Will God find me worthy of His kingdom if I am sitting on the fence?  No!  The midnight cry (rapture) shall be a great occasion for those whom The Bridegroom finds waiting His return.  However, the midnight cry of those left behind will be greater.  The world is not prepared for what is to come.  
"He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." (Psalms 91:1)
My life comes from the Lord.  My life is in the Lord.  HE has been my strength when I could not go on.
HE has been my strong tower when the storms raged.  HE has become my peace when all else has failed.

Do we have loved ones who have not accepted Jesus as Lord and savior?  Yes.  
Friends?  Yes.
Family?  Yes.
It is now 30 minutes past midnight.  Let the next cry heard be from our prayers for the unsaved.

Good night and God bless.