Tuesday, March 17, 2015


As I was finishing my morning prayer, I asked the Spirit of God "to reveal something new to me from His word."  It seems innocent enough, but I do not always ask it.  There have been times when i have read my bible and 'expect' the Holy Spirit to reveal a truth to me, but when I ask Him to do so, well, it is pretty profound.

Today's reading takes place in Psalm 75.  There are many truths contained in this psalm of Asaph.  

                                                     We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks!
                                                     For Your wondrous works declare
                                      that Your name is near.  

The last line in verse 1 got me to thinking, "what does it mean 'Your name is near'"?
Could it be the nearness of God in our everyday lives?  At work?  At home?  At school or wherever we set our feet to go to?  
Could it be the nearness of God as we call out to Him in prayer for the needs of others?  For our own needs or the needs of family members?  Is His nearness more closely related to the pleas for the unsaved to find salvation through Jesus Christ before His return?  

God, being Sovereign, moves men as pawns to accomplish His will.  I see the 'wondrous works' as the events that are shaping our world today as we draw closer to the rapture of the church.  Many people are reaching out to God more and more.  Some accept the free gift of salvation (praise God) while others rededicate (praise God) their lives to God, knowing that He is the only hope for themselves and this world.  
I praise God for His faithfulness.  Never once has He not been there for me.  In this present world and the things to come, the nearness of God is comforting.  Many days I have wanted to be nearer to God than I am now.  Meaning, not just in my prayers or personal time, but to see Him and to know only Him, apart from my human limitations.  Yet, those limitations increase my desires to search Him out daily in the scriptures.  As i do, i see His majesty and grace and holiness and mercy and righteousness and all the other attributes of God that shows me who He is and who i can become like, by His Holy Spirit and only because of the blood of Jesus.

There is an expectancy within my soul everyday for His voice to preceed my seeing Him face to face.
Luke 21:28 "Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your head, because your redemption draws near."  (Jesus speaking)

Have a great day and God bless.