Tuesday, March 10, 2015


They are all around, these shadows.
One by one they illuminate my failures.  Past, present and somehow my future.

A failed marriage
no relationship with your children

These shadows loom like towering walls that i cannot see the tops of, nor can i go around them.  They fill my mind like water fills an ocean.  My modern day walls of Jericho.  I am trapped in my own mind.
I look down to see these shadows as they become my prison bars and shackels on my hands and feet.  

Who can free me?

The shadows taunt me.
The shadows mock me.
Their words are like needles trying to pierce my flesh.
I wince in pain.  I yell at them, but they only laugh.
"Foolish boy."

The light of day increase my shadows.  The light increases my pain.  
Free me.
Free me..
Free me...
Free me....

Time slowly passes.  Darkness of night creeps upon my soul.  Death seems to be my only escape from these monsters.
Yielding, I no longer fight.  I simply lay there waiting for the final blow.  My breathing becomes short gasps for air.  Air that is stale and musty.  Relief shall come soon enough.  
No sound.  The end is near.  My mumbled prayers proceed me into sleep.