Wednesday, October 14, 2015


"Today could be the day.  Look up."  
More and more within the past few weeks i have been hearing this statement.  Yesterday as i was on my way to an appointment I heard two men talking and one said to the other "Look up, today could be the day."  

Upon hearing those words my spirit was encouraged.  Knowing that these gentleman were brothers in the Lord, I turned and said "Thank you.  I reallly needed to hear that."
"You're welcome brother.",  was his reply.

A couple of days before that, at our local mall, we had Fall Community Festival. This is the time of year when groups and organizations come from different communities and set up tables and put out baked goods or literature about themselves.    For some reason this the festival was only for one day.  It usually lasts the whole weekend.


My church group had a table there and it was an AMAZING time.
Our main goal was to give them Jesus.  Hence, the picture above.
I am always excited to get out there and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Millions of people go about there day and never hear the words of eternal life.
Some have heard these words and still choose to sit on the fence and not decide, not knowing they 
have already decided.  

On one occassion Peter preached a sermon where 5,000 came to salvation.  5,000!  That still floors me to this day.  But the work was done by the Holy Spirit through Peter.  
The mall was busy that day and many people came to our table and the gospel message was given, either through our word of testimony or the Jesus film we had playing on our television.  What i can tell you is that a hundred or more people watched that video as it played.  Many were taken back by the suffering Jesus experienced.  Many more heard the words He spoke and walked away in stunned silence.  After a while children started gathering around the table and we put on the childrens version of the Jesus film and then the children started asking questions.  Praise God.

There are times when all i want to do is reap the harvest.  I want hear all who hear the message of salvation say "Yes" to Jesus and eternal life.  That is what we as believers live for.  
At the end of my shift and a very long day I opened the newspaper and saw this caption.
My heart leaped within my chest.  Figuratively.  I was encouraged all the more.
Add to this the smile on the gentleman's face and how could i not praise God.
Jehovah is the LORD of the harvest.  We are His workmen and women, His laborers.
Our harvest is the gathering of lost souls for the kingdom of God.
His harvest is the gathering of those, who have been found, into His eternal kingdom.

God bless