Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Christmas Blues

Well, the mad rush is over and normalcy will return in a week or two.  (Until the credit card bills arrive). 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful time and reconnected with family and friends you may have lost track of over the course of the years(s).  If at all possible try to make it last into the coming year.
My Christmas was great.  I spent the morning hours in church and the afternoon feeding my inner man more than he could handle. Maybe that is why they put the extra holes in those belts I keep having to buy?  Hmm

I must say, I am not suffering from the passing of Christmas day and the food and presents and family members filling our homes with cheer.  No. The post-Christmas blues I am suffering from are a result of the bruises and sores from the mad rush of holiday shoppers in the same stores I went to.  The week or two after Christmas is like the off season for retail workers and "overly festive shoppers". Some down time is greatly appreciated and the slow pace does wonders for the feet and bodies.  And the nerves.

People never cease to amaze me with the feel-good moments of the season and roller derby fierceness displayed while trying to get everything on their wish lists.  Go figure.  Be that as it may, I am most grateful for all things surrounding Christmas.  The lights and decorations, freshly baked goods waffling through the air, colorful clothing :) and SNOW.  This year is an oddity, we have not had too much snow or hardly any to be exact.  That is OK  as I'm getting older and it takes more cups of hot chocolate to lubricate my bones enough to get them going in the right direction

Just wanted to say that I will try to get one or two more posts in before the end on the year, this week.  Ahhhhh!!!

Joking!!  It can be done.  Transitions part 2, and hopefully my current writing project "As for Me".  That one I am really stoked about and cannot wait for you all to read it. 

So, Happy New Year and  may the new year bring you peace, love, joy and happiness through the person of Jesus Christ. God bless