Friday, December 9, 2011


I was reading through a couple of chapters in the book of Genesis one night getting ready for a class, and while doing so I wondered, what was it like to walk with God?  Hmmmm
Enoch walked with God it says in chapter 5.  Noah walked with God it says in chapter 6. What did they talk about during these walks? Other people? Worldly conditions? Things to come?

One day while reading and meditating on a particular passage of scripture, I too, had a walking conversation with God.
Here is my take on it.
It is where HE speaks when I am...still
It is the wind after Jesus spoke to it...still
It is the heart of the believer when the word of God is brought to rememberance...still

The words of God are in quotations and mine are not.  Enjoy

How can I find YOU, when all is tossed about?
When the world and my brethren come against me. How can I be...still?
"Be still and know that ,I AM, am GOD"
Yes, you are here my Lord. Where am I?
My thoughts continue to betray me. My enemies seek to destroy.
"Be still to feel my comfort and peace."
"Take my yoke upon you and be at ease."

My LORD, remove me frome this place. Envelope me in thy saving grace. Renew my hope, freshen my spirit, strenghten my resolve.
"Endure to the end is all that I ask."
"He that does shall be saved."
Save me now! Most High
The flood is coming, the fear is mounting.
"My strength is made perfect in your weakness."
"Is your spirit willing?"
My mind says yes, but my flesh reveals otherwise.
Forgive me master.
"Your trust should not be rooted in the words of man. Your faith needs to increase. As does your dependence on me."
Your words slice through to my heart.
"As it should. Its very presence within, MY HOLY SPIRIT, convicts and reminds. It also teaches."
Teach me your ways that I may walk worthy of this calling.
"Put my word into your heart. Put your life back into my hands."
Unworthy. Doubt has been a constant friend for so long. Can one so easily lose it?
"Yes. But if you truly are mine, do you need ask?"
No, I do not.
"Return to thy borders."
Yes, yes, and yes.