Sunday, December 18, 2011

Transitions Part 2

Life is great.  The Lord has seen fit to bless me with many things (some of which I do not deserve). 
Among the many blessings are the people he has put into my life that I can call friends.  In this well-past-due post, I would love to introduce you to Trahn and Tonia.  What a wonderful couple they are :)

Trahn, Tonia and I have several things in common.  First the majors:  We love the Lord, we love the many children he has placed in our lives and we LOVE THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS.  Definitely divinely inspired.  Now the minors:  we all love hockey (they the Penguins of Pittsburgh and I the Blackhawks of Chicago).  For contractual and writing obligations I had to list the Penguins first, but they are not, the better team. See ya all Sunday, hehe.  I have known Trahn and Tonia going on 10+ years and it has been a pleasure.  (whispering) Mostly theirs. 

Transitions are a part of everyday life and in almost all instances one life has to end before another begins.  Not saying it has to be a 'life', it could be a lifestyle, a job or circumstances, ones thought process or whatever (depending on the person).

Recently, over the past couple of years, Trahn and Tonia have gone through several transitions.  The biggest  one has been the addition of Ben.  I'm not sure if he can say hello, but i am afraid to ask what he is thinking.  Hmm?

When I first come up with the "Transitions" series for my blog I knew that I had to include these guys because of the change that has gone on in their life and who better to tell that story than them.

There are but two words I can use to describe Tonia's journey from wife to mother--faith and perseverance.  It was her faith in God that allowed her to believe that He would answer her prayer for a baby to call her own. Her story is almost a mirror image of Hannah from the old testament book of 1st Samuel.  Hannah ,too, was a wife who desperately wanted to be a mother.  Hannah and Tonia both sought the LORD in prayer and fasting and there were others who prayed in agreement with them for this miracle to come to pass.  The LORD had not turned a deaf ear to them.  No!  On the contrary, Jehovah in all of HIS goodness answered the prayers of both women in their spirits. At the end of verse 18 in chapter one it says of Hannah "and her countenance was no more sad".  I cannot really speak for Tonia on this matter here, but I am almost sure the same thing happened to her.  Tonia went before the LORD in prayer and when she was finished, she just knew that God had heard and answered her prayer.   However, only in God's timing did it happen.

Perseverance comes in, along with the enemy Satan, and the words of doubt he without fail threw at her.  What can one do to fight off the enemy of us all?  Stay strong in our faith.  There were women around Hannah provoking her and giving the suspicious looks.  Tonia, I am sure had people around her saying 'It may not be Gods will', or 'Maybe there is something wrong with you', or 'Give up'.  Who are we to listen to?  Hannah did not listen to the voices of those around her, and neither did Tonia.  Only when the time arrived that God choose to answer their prayers, did both of these  ladies know that is was the voice of God.

What a joy it is for me to read about Hannah and her faith and God fulfilling his promise to her.  We all know what kind of life Samuel led.  He was raised in service to God, in the house of God, becoming a prophet and a judge over HIS chosen people. 
How much sweeter is was for me to hear about and see God fulfill his promise to Trahn and Tonia, two wonderful people?  Someday and I have no doubts about this, Ben too, will be used by the ONE TRUE GOD to do great things.  Will he be a preacher or a teacher?  Prophet?  Time will tell.  Ben is being brought up in the house of God and given a firm foundation at the same time.  He has also been adopted more times than legally allowed by law, but that just shows how much Trahn and Tonia are loved and it also shows how much they too have loved. 

Trahn and Tonia I salute you for your unwavering faith in God and your devotion to all things that are HIM.  God bless