Friday, December 9, 2011

Time Part 2 (archives)


Time to wake up and thank the LORD for HIS renewed mercies. 
Time today to go for a walk on a cool brisk morning.
Time to see the various forms of life around me begin their day.
Time.  What a precious thing we have, if used correctly.

I, in my sudden infusion of time, started praying more.  First, for a new source of income.
It did not take long before the God began to show me how selfish I was being and that there is a reason for my having less work and income.
Not trying to risk sounding insolent, but I could not foresee a particularly good reason for all this to be happening.  After a few more days of stewing, God's wisdom reached me.

Where was my loyalty while I was working?  Was it to the company that was paying me to do so?  Was it to the things I was preparing to buy once the company I was working for payed me?
While I was working all those crazy hours I did not always have time to read the bible or even pray to God, or spend time in HIS presence.  Thinking back, time was what I wanted most from God, so I could spend more time with Him. 

Humbled and humiliated by all of this, I asked God to forgive me.  Within my own psyche I was doing all this for God, showing myself to be a good employee and willing to go the extra mile.  However, the extra mile was taking me further from the One who had provided it all to me. 

It says in the bible, "we cannot serve God and money.  One we will love and the other we will hate."
During this 2-month period of my life, daily (yes daily), I questioned the veracity of God. 
Each and every day the tentacles of Satan were digging deeper and deeper into me.  The pain I was experiencing was not from God, to whom I attributed it to, but Satan.

I was so in tune with the cares of this world and its riches, that I lost sight of the ONE who created it all.

When the reality of my decisions hit me, I literally, tried to crawl under a rock and bury myself.  Had I the power I would have pulled a mountain down on top of myself.  Tears flowed at an unbelievable rate.  Why?  I was dangerously close to cursing God and walking away from him. Was my eternal salvation worth worldly treasures?  Was my loss, greater than the one God suffered two thousand years ago?  Absolutely not. 

The struggles within me were great and I knew that the battle and my soul would be lost if I continued on the current path of decision making and hatred.  I stopped and cried out to God, "help me."  My pleas were met with silence.  Satan was back to his old tricks.  He tried to use them on Jesus as he fasted in the desert for 40 days. 

Taking Jesus up to a high place and showing him the kingdoms of the world and all the glory attached to them. Satan said to Jesus, "Fall down and worship me and I will give you all of this."   Jesus, even in his weakened physical and mental state , stood firm and said, "Get the behind me, Satan: it is written, we must worship the Lord the God and Him only we must serve."

It is written

Now, I spend my time wisely.  I pray not for myself or my needs.  They are continually met.  But I pray for others who don't know Jesus and are being led astray by the cares and riches of this world by Satan.  I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ, that they may grow stronger in the faith.  Daily I read his word and meditate and listen to His Spirit as he teaches and guides me daily.

Now in my unhurried existence I spend my 'time' with THE MOST HIGH.

Time, our enemy or our friend?  Depends on you. 
As for me, my time is spent "being still and knowing that HE is GOD."