Tuesday, September 2, 2014

BBD (Beautiful Beyond Description) Part Two

Cruxificion was the worst form of death within the Roman Empire.  Many people avoided it and sadly, more than enough experienced it.  It was said that Pontious Pilate once cruxified over 2,000 Jews in one day in response to an uprising.  How true is that I don't know, but he did have his moments.

Jesus it says in Hebrews 12:2 'endured the cross and despising the shame, and is now seated on the right hand of the throne of God.'

Looking back at how Jesus died, there can no beauty be found.  He was beaten, scourged and tortured.  He had a crown of thorns imbeaded on His head, before being nailed on the Cross.  Scriptures say Jesus was so badly disfigured that not even those who knew Him could recognize Him.
Beauty?  Cannot see it.

Jesus took upon Himself the sins of humanity so that we could find redemption froms our sins and have the hope of eternal life.  As he hung on the cross looking out at those present and those not yet alive, Jesus endured what was meant for me.  Jesus' breathing was laboured.  His broken and battered body bled from the open wounds while His life slowly ebbed away.  
Beauty?  Cannot see it.

As the people gazed up at God's glory (Jesus) against man's fury (cruxificion) there was nothing beautiful to behold.  Yet, in between the glory and the fury stood the Cross.  
Sin cannot be in the presence of the Glory of God.  Why?  Because God is Holy and Righteous and Just.  Sin causes God's fury to fall upon man.  We have turned our backs on our Creator and sought after our own god's and idols.  Namely ourselves.
God's fury (justice) needed to be satisfied, and once again, between the glory and the fury stood the Cross.

Many songs have been written about the Cross, but two stand out to me.  The first one being the classic hymn Old Rugged Cross and the second, a modern classic itself The Wonderful Cross.
These two songs talk about the suffering of Jesus on the cross, but they also belay the hope of the Cross--salvation through the shed blood of the only One whose death can give life.  
Before the Light of Jesus shone within me I could not see beauty in an ugly world, full of ugly people, full of hateful words and actions.  
Beauty?  Cannot see it.

You know what?  Something wonderful happened to me.  I found Jesus.  Now, that Cross shines brighter than the sun.   The glory of the LORD is risen upon me.  It is now within me.
Beauty?  Now I can see it.  
Three days later Jesus walked out of the grave.  His death on the cross was not permanent.  The life we gain as a reslut of the Cross is permanent.  

Arise and shine; for thy light has come.  Let us be the light in a world of darkness.  
Jesus in His holiness and glorified body, now that is BBD.  
Beautiful Beyond Description.