Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Minus the home

"Foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man has nowhere to lay His head."

We all know these to be the words of Jesus, spoken of in the gospels of Matthew and Luke.  
As I lay here and reflect on some things the aforementioned scripture came to my remembrance.
At first I meditated on His words.  Next I read both accounts.  Then I became confused.  I needed to pray.

Then, I looked at the words spoken before and after the words of Christ.
A certain scribe approached Jesus and said "Master I will follow You wherever You go."
One of Jesus' disciples said "Lord, first let me go and bury my father."

Notice how Jesus is addressed by the two men.  One calls Him Master, and the other calls Him Lord.
Not unusual.  Jesus had many followers and admirers during His short time on the earth.  I too follow Jesus and admire Him.  However, the words that Jesus say speak a great deal more about the life and hearts of each man. 
The scribe wanted to follow Jesus simply because of the notoriety associated with what Jesus had been doing.  It was the 'human honor and glory' he sought when he called Jesus, Master.
As for the disciple, calling Jesus, Lord, was at odds with his request to 'first go and bury his father'.  
Jesus clearly wanted both men to know that His goal was only to do the will of His Father in heaven.  
If Master and Lord were the first words off their lips then why were they putting Jesus second?  

My breathing slows some as I self examine my use of the words Master and Lord when I speak to and of Jesus.  Is He really Lord and Master of my life?  Oh yes He is?  There is no doubt.  But there are times when I abuse the privilege by putting myself first and Him second.  'Self' has no part in the plan of God because conflict will arise.  
Jesus also wanted to convey that there was nothing on this earth that would detract Him from His mission.
"I have no home, no family, no business commitments and no designs to go after any of those things." (Paraphrased)
Up until the time of the thirtieth year of His life Jesus had all of those things.  Yet, when the time came to "go forth and proclaim the gospel message" Jesus forsook all other things and went.
Is it easy to lay down our rights and lives for the sake of others?  No.  
Is there any glory or honor in the work of the kingdom?  Not if we are looking for it on this earth.
Can we make provisions for our loved ones before we go?  Not likely.

Jesus is our example in all things. His life of surrender and servant hood is part of our spiritual foundation.  When I call Jesus Lord and Master am I doing so with an attitude of surrender and a willingness to serve?  Or am I calling Him Lord and Master while applying conditions?

Jesus says "follow me."
It is as much a statement as it is a question.  What will you say to it?