Friday, September 5, 2014

Present Yourself

Forgive me for jumping around like this with my blog posts but this will be a short three part side trip in the life of Job.
The "Great Divide" post is halfway done and will be posted by Wednesdy at the latest.  While taking a break from blogging i picked up my bible to try and jumpstart my brain.  I am having trouble with a transition point and needed to stop writing as my frustration started to grow with each incomplete sentence/thought.  

God said that Job was "like no other man on all the earth.  Job is a man of honor and integrity, who feared God and hated evil."  
Pretty heady words don't you think?  Yes!
I agree.
God is God so there is no need to explain Him.  But Job on the other hand i wanted to look into a little closer.  Here goes nothing!

Looking at the words which God himself spoke says volumes about the kind of person Job was.  Now the bible says "God is no respector of persons", meaning He does not favor one human being over another.  Some of you may say differently and are able to back it up.  However, God speaks only of the character and characteristics displayed by the person in whom He is verbalizing.

God called David the "apple of His eye" and Noah "found grace" in the eyes of the LORD.  Why?  It is their 'living examples' of God.  David's heart can be seen throughout his writings in the Psalms, in how he ruled the Israelites, in the testimony told by others as we read the bible.  Good or bad, God is the center of David's life.  Noah, despite God's warning of the coming judgment and building the Ark, was steadfast in his witness of the love and grace and mercy of God, trying to get the people to repent and turn from their wicked ways and back to God.  Noah very well could have wiped his hands of the people around him, but His understanding of the character and nature of God led him to do otherwise.
As we can see character displayed in relation to God causes God to speak as He does of Job, David, Noah, Moses, you and I.  It has nothing to do with God picking and choosing whom He wishes.

What would the Author of my life say about me?  
Have I presented myself as blameless, honest and faithful?
The character of Job was on display for all to see and He represented His creator with the upmost joy and reverance.  
Have I?  I hang my head in shame.
As my pastor says "we are all under construction."  Yet even in life we present ourselves and the God we represent to the world around us whether we want to or not.  
Job is off to a good start, but what happens when adversity comes?

--To be continued--