Monday, September 22, 2014

Sanctuary, Volume One

Psalm 77:13 "Your way, O God, is in the sanctuary; Who is so great as our God?"

Sunday is my favorite day of the week because I get to spend it in the house of God.
I get to spend that day, in corporate worship, with fellow believers and followers of God Most High.

On this day God is present with His people.  In the sanctuary God meets with us and His Spirit dwells among us as we remember the work done on the Cross for our eternal benefit.  
Here in the sanctuary is where God instructs us and equips us for the days to come.  Our faith is increased in the God who makes all things possible, because nothing is impossible for God.
The lost find salvation.
The dead are made alive.
The sick are made whole.
The lame are made to walk.
God's sanctuary is a shelter for His children.

Here, between the altar and the door, we stand in the very presence of Jehovah our creator.
We lift our voices and praise Him with songs song from the very depts of our souls.
Walls are knocked down and bonds are broken.
We worship Him in spirit and truth, because HE IS GOD.  
God has come down from heaven to redeem us from sin and pull us from the hands of death and hell.
God has given us the power to overcome all things.

This time with like minded lovers of Adonai, is not like the time we spend individually with Him during the week.
We are all made One when we come together.  In each other we find encouragement, we find joy, we find peace, we find help and we find that it is all made possible by God.  The arm cannot do the work of the legs, nor can the eye do what the ear is made to do.  Just as the physical body cannot function without all of its parts working in conjunction with one another, neither can the body of Christ function without all of its parts working together.  Scriptures says we are One mind, One body and One Spirit.

Our God is a great God because His is the only God that has always been...
Our God is a great God because He will always be...
Our God is a great God because He has ordained ours days...
Our God is a great God because there is no one higher...
Our God is a great God because He is "I AM"

Here in the sanctuary is where the power and glory of God are seen.
Here in the sanctuary His lovingkindness fills us.
Here in the sanctuary we lift up holy hands to the One.
Here in the sanctuary our soul finds satisfaction in Him alone.
Here in the sanctuary we sing praise with joyful lips.
Here in the sanctuary the King of Heaven joins us.

God bless