Monday, December 28, 2015

Valley Series (C)--Far From Me

Several instances come to mind when I know that i have been outside of the will of God.
However, being out of the will of God and having the absence of God in my life are two different things.  
This can only be known by the person in which whom God is absent and the Father Himself.  
Others around us may sense it by outward actions but cannot say conclusively.
God does know the heart.

I can recall it as if it was yesterday.  I was on the couch in my living room and heavy hearted but thankful for all that had transpired the weeks before.  Having been backslidden from my faith and upbringing I tried to say the Lord's prayer.  Simple enough.  NO!!!  I tried and tried to say that prayer I had memorized as a child growing up, yet, i could not.  Finally after about 15 tries I hear a voice say to me "Now do you see how far away you are from Me?"  
I wept.

King Saul, in his quest to satisfy his own paranoia and pride, has set it in his heart to kill David.  
Now confronted by David and his men in the Wilderness of Engedi, Saul realizes how his actions reflect the absence of God in his life. 1st Samuel 18:12  Now Saul was afraid of David, because the LORD was with him, but had departed from Saul.
The dye had been cast and Saul admits his actions are not of God's design.  Chapter 24:20 "And now I know indeed that you shall surely be king, and that the kingdom of Israel shall be established in your hand."
Pride and jealousy will always steer a heart from the One True God if is is allowed to fester and grow.  Saul among his many misdeads had ample opportunity to repent and be a instrument of great works for God.  But, time and time again Saul chose to follow his own path.  
Every believer in Christ has been down the road of their own choosing at some point in their walk.  The ever-present God offers us forgiveness and redemption at every turn.  His love in never ending.  His patience also, but He will let us suffer the consequences of our decisions.  King Saul has reached the zenith of his rebellion to God and now knows another king shall sit on the throne he was chosen to sit on.  God has rejected Saul as king of Israel just as Saul rejected God as King of his life.

In closing let me quote Isaiah 59:1,2 "The LORD'S hand is not to short that it cannot save nor His ear to heavy that He cannot hear you.  But your (our) sins have seperated us from God and He will not listen to our voice, nor listen to our prayers and He turns His face away from us."

Why risk such a move?  God knows and God loves us.  Should we not offer the same to Him?

God bless.