Saturday, December 26, 2015

Valley Series (A)--The First of My Kings

Christmas has become, over the years,  a difficult time of year for me.  
So as the year 2015 draws near its end, the feelings are stronger this year.
This past week my church had Christmas eve and Christmas day services.  On christmas day 
a few minutes before the service I sat in one of the pews and listened to two of our youth play songs of the season on their guitars for the people as they came into the sanctuary.  
They played Emmanuel and O' Come all Ye Faithful.  As i sat there and let the music filter through my body I began to think of Saul, the first king of Israel.  The account in the book of 1st Samuel 16 says "a spirit of distress troubled him and caused great unrest within him."
In order to combat this spirit, King Saul asked his court to "find someone who can play well and bring comfort to my soul."
That someone, we all know, was the shepherd boy David.  David's playing and worshipping of the Lord as he played brought a peaceful spirit from God once again to King Saul. And it says Saul became refreshed and well, and the distressing spirit departed from him.
How did Saul respond to David's playing?  I can imagine the king once again worshipping The King
as he did many times before in his life.  Saul cried out to his LORD for restoration and peace and God honored his request.  Saul, at this time stopped looking outward at the people and lands and enemies of God.  His perspective was "God has placed me here for a reason and I must look to Him for His plan and purpose beyond myself."  
Today in the midst of my brothers and sisters in the Lord I too am refreshed and made well as the Spirit of the LORD brings comfort and joy to me.  Instead of looking at the mad rush of people in the stores to buy presents and things that have no meaning, i am led to look inward at the reason for the season...Jesus Christ.  His gift is the only one that matters.  My joy had been lost, my peace had been lost because my attention had been diverted from the Cross.  Saul's attention had been diverted and God was soon replaced by the pride of Saul.  All that I have lost is nothing compared to what I am currently losing by letting the spirit of distress rule over me.  My hope is in the Cross and anything else is hopeless.  
As they come to the end of O Come All Ye Faithful, I go to the Lord in the quietness of my heart and seek to once again let Him be on the throne of my heart.

God bless.