Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"LORD, I do"

From " to and fro'" he goes after those who are weak.  
Preying upon their weakened faith, from God, them, he tries to keep.
His roar is loud and direction unknown from where he may come, hoping the faint of heart will succomb.

My God before, in times of old, has shut the mouths of lions.
No fear, no danger, no one overcome in the midst of their trials.
The fiery furnace cannot consume those whom God has hedged.
The angry waves cannot overturn those whom God anchors.

To richer shores my feet shall trod in the presence of my God.
With waters rolled back and the Pillar ahead, no enemy shall I dread.
A holy path, the way shall be to keep His own in righteousness.  No one unclean will pass it through, Jehovah's judgment falling anew.

LORD I do believe Your word, within my spirit Your voice is heard.

"Rise up, reach out, ascend my holy hill.
Who can know the pleasure of my presence, without knowing me?
Behind the veil My glory shines hidden from the eyes of men.
You walk in darkness, you shed innocent blood.  My Spirit no longer within."

God above let Your light shine in the darkest corners and purge my sin.
My soul is downcast, my spirit is dead.  Where can I find life to lift me from this dread?
To You I run, in You I find rest.  LORD, I do believe; help me with my unbelief.  

Your faithfulness sustains as my tears fall like the rain.
Consume me Most High in Your embrace, lead by that amazing grace.
No other love have I known than the God who saves and brings me home.