Sunday, March 27, 2016


Happy Resurrection Sunday.

Today started out at an odd time.  0342 this morning.  
I was awakened by the oddest of thoughts.  How did creation respond to Jesus coming out of the grave?  
This is not scriptural by any means, just my random musings on this glorious day.
How did the grass and trees and sun react to the stone being rolled away and Jesus walking out of the grave?

Was the grass in front of the tomb greener as the glorified body of Jesus emerged from its burial place?
Did the wind blow softer or stop all together at this wondrous sight?
And Mr. Sun.  How dim his light became with the radiance of Jesus' appearance.
Did the trees bow down in humility to His greatness?

Romans 8:22 For we know that the whole of creation groans and laboratory with birth pangs together until now.

Creation itself was present when Jesus became the Risen Saviour.  

Surely the rocks cried out "He is risen.  He is risen."
Did they marvel as the stone was rolled away from the opening?  
The scriptures paint such a vivid picture of Jesus coming out of the sepulchre alive, unbound and unhindered.  

He's alive again the stones been rolled away
He's alive again He's no longer in the grave
Let all the earth rejoice He's alive

My Jesus is alive and so am I.