Friday, March 11, 2016

You Alone

"Be still and know that I Am the LORD"

I stopped and looked around.  The quiet space around me brought little comfort.
Slowly I sat down on the hot pavement and hoped for a glimpse of You.
Time slowly passed and I still did not see You.  Until.....

The flight of the birds in the air.
The clouds pasted against the blue canvas.
Felt the soft gentle breeze.

Aha.  You are here.
What can I say?
Looking outward I see Your handiwork.
Looking inward my problems are magnified.

You made the heavens and the earth.   Elohim
You created me in Your image.  Elohim
From the dust of the earth I was made, created for Your glory and Your fellowship.  Elohim

With a timeless love You have called me to be with You, with a matchless love You have drawn me near to You.  Yahweh
A joyful song I sing to You.  Holy are You.  I will sing praises to You.  Yahweh

Where do I begin without Your touch?  Jehovah
When does my life end without Your word?  Jehovah

You came to this earth forsaking Your glory for me.  Yeshua
Your words are spirit and life to the dead.  Yeshua
You chose me.  Yeshua
Your death was for me.  Yeshua

I'm wanting more.   Empty
I'm weak and lonely.  Helpless
I'm poor and needy.  Broken
I'm in need of You.  Sinner

You alone are my all in all
You alone are mine and I am Yours
You alone fill me with awe and wonder
You alone are worthy
You alone are Faithful and True
You alone sit on the throne