Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Facing the Impossible (Tuesday)

Joshua and the Israelites have come to the city of Jericho.  Jericho is a well fortified city upon which many nations have come against and failed to take.  Knowing the history of Jericho, Joshua may have felt that, they too, were facing an impossible task.
As Joshua waited on the LORD, a Man appeared to him and Joshua asked "Are you for Israel or our enemies?"  
And He said "Neither.  But as commander of the LORD's army I have come." 
It says Joshua fell down and worshiped Him and took off his shoes, because he was on holy ground.

When we get to that point where OUR problems seem bigger than what we can handle then we must do the three things Joshua did.  
1.  We must wait on the LORD
2.  We must worship Him regardless of our situation, because He is still God.  
3.  Do as He commands us to.

Many times i have seen my situation as bigger than it really is.  Fear begins to fill my heart and i lose faith.  With my faith failing, I look for a resolution rather than wait for God.
In the waiting is when I should be worshipping.  In the worshipping is where God presents an answer.
Once i have God's direction, then and only then, will the walls come tumbling down.

Jericho was another avenue God used to show His people that He is in control.  We must take our eyes off of our problem and look to the Problem solver.