Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Prosperity Gospel

Someone told me yesterday.  "This job means nothing to me.  I only do it for the part time benefits and nothing else.  When I punch out from here, I go to my main source of income.  It's a real job."

I pondered his words as the spewed out of his mouth.  And I do mean 'spewed'.  His countenance took on a different color.  His eyes seemed to get smaller and his words bitter.  The air around us became darker and heavier.   
To lighten the mood, I made a joke and we all laughed. (Three of us were present.)  Nothing bad or dirty I declare.  

As I read from Job 20 tonight, I am drawn back to the conversation and how the prosperity gospel
is not something only taught within the walls of a church building but also out in the world.  Oddly enough, I think this prevailing thought was brought into the church.  Mankind seeks to gain as much wealth and possessions as they can so that they do not have to work in their later years of life.  Get as much as I can now, then retire early.  
Question:  What becomes of this person who puts worldliness before godliness?  

Jesus spoke to a young man in Luke 12:15  "Take heed and beware of coveting, for one's life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possess."  
This is so true.  Not to say that owning things and having wealth is bad.  It's not.  But has it become your sole focus in this life?  Read the parable in the following verses that tell of the rich man who had much goods and decided to build bigger barns to store his excess.  "I will take it easy for the rest of my life.  I shall eat, drink and be merry." God called this man a fool!  God!!!
All of his efforts were placed on taking care of his physical needs and he totally dropped the ball when it came to his spiritual needs.  In the end he never got to enjoy the treasures he had laid up.  Others may have, but not him.

This man, like the coworker I was talking to, was building up an earthly treasure that will eventually turn to dust.  In the latter days of this dispensation anything that does not have eternal value will be counted as loss.  Our most glaring need is of the soul.  Sin has robbed us all of the greatest treasure known to mankind.  A personal relationship with the Creator GOD.  

Answer:  Total darkness is reserved for his treasures.  An unfanned fire will consume him.
The prosperity gospel of God is eternal life through the shed blood of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for your sins and mine.  What abundance can we gain in this life that will surpass the inherited abundance promised by Jesus to all those who believe in His name?  None whatsoever.  

The prosperity gospel of man leads to eternal seperation from God and the consuming fires of hell.  
It is a gospel that teaches self-worth, self-sufficiency and personal well-being.  Hell is the portion from God for the wicked man.