Friday, April 24, 2015


A sister in the Lord told me today while we were chatting, "God puts roadblocks in our lives in order for us to stay on the path He has for us.  Sometimes we circumvent those roadblocks and we get into situations we should not be in, all because we want to go our own way." 

I stood there in stunned silence thinking,  "Could this be what God is doing to me right now?"

"Ms. C" continued dishing out the sage advice.  "You have to remember we are bought with a price.  We are His (God's children), and He knows all about us.  So anything we experience in life remember 'He is there'".

I looked at Ms.C in admiration.  Only the wisdom of God could have said that.  
We talked a few minutes more about our days since we last saw each other and had a good laugh.
Before departing I thanked Ms. C for the encouragement, prayed  and went away full of joy.

God does know.  He is Omniscient.  
These roadblocks to me are merely Gods way of saying "Trust me."