Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Now Go! (Thursday)

Now Go!  

The period at the end of the sentence for me as I am being scolded.

Now go to your room!
Now go do your chores!
Now go and stand in the corner!

Those two words put the kabutzs (stop) on any arguments I was offering to my mother as to why I had not done something, or I had done something that I should not have been doing.  
With my head hung low and my tail tucked firmly between my legs I was off to serve my sentence.

Today, those words are used in a much different context.  They encourage.
In the closing chapter of the gospel of Mark, Jesus charges His disciples that they are to "now go into all the world and preach the gospel."
These 11 men had been trained and soon equipped (day of Pentecost) to do such a daunting task.
As the Holy Spirit filled and empowered each person who was in the upper room, they soon realized that would not be alone.  
As ambassadors of Christ we were given certain powers and authority in the name of Jesus Christ, to go out and change the world.  We must never feel deserving of this honor because we are not.  Humility and meekness should be the badges we wear.

Without the presence of God going before us, we will not no where to go or how to lead someone to salvation.  If we go out on our own, then we become like our younger selves and get into trouble and fail miserably.  We must rely on the strength and ability of God to help us day-to-day as we go forth.  
Let the "now go!" we hear be an encouragement to continue on in the work of His kingdom and not from rebuke because we were doing something we should not have been doing.

God bless.