Tuesday, April 28, 2015

God's World (Sunday)

Whenever things start to go bad for me i unknowingly say "my world is crashing in."

The devotional for Sunday joyfully reminded me that this is "God's World".  
When i look around at all the things that make up this world i am humbled.  God, in His wisdom, said to Adam in the garden of Eden, "tend to it and keep it.  Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat."
God did not intend for us to plog along in this life but because of sin and its destructive forces, have caused the beauty of creation to become stained.

Sin stains me and all of humanity.  At times sin will run rampant in the world and we see a side of life that makes us question God "Why?"  
Take a moment and look at some of the things that comprise this world.  The birds of the air.  Clouds.  Beautiful mountain ranges and a magnificent sunrise or sunset.  What of the four seasons spring, summer, fall and winter?  Each with its own unique blend of life.  
God has entrusted His incredible creation to mere humans.  He knew some of us would mistreat it, and deny He made it.  Still, He allows us to call it home and sustains it through His Son."

After reading the devotion I took some time to enjoy life in God's world.  
And you should to.  
God bless